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Adirondacks, Palisades (map)

Approaching the Palisades across the ice of Lake Champlain from the Vermont side


Drop, Swim, or Die: George and Joe scope out the route from Lake Champlain; the route is in especially fat conditions and is usually approached from the top via rappel


Drop, Swim, or Die: Climbing the crux column low on the route


Drop, Swim, or Die: The second crux climbs the ice above the climber through the constriction in the rock


Lake Champlain Monster: The leftmost route at The Palisades; the ice doesn't reach the bottom, thus the first ascent traversed in from the left; Will climbed a direct start on rock reaching the free-hanging pillars on the right side


Lake Champlain Monster: Jeremy checks out the ice with the "Monster" in the background


For The Birds: Jeremy scopes out the line from the lake; the first ascent of this route occurred earlier this same day


For The Birds: Jeremy climbs the initial ice bulge, using nuts on the right for protection


For The Birds: The crux of the first pitch is a thin ice column protected with rock gear on the sides


For The Birds: With the gear in place, the ice column can be safely climbed


For The Birds: Just above the belay, the climbing is secure, but the ice is melted out and sketchy


For The Birds: George does the third ascent in one long pitch while Jim and Joe watch