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God's Crag (map)

Aspens on the approach (Copyright Colin O'Connor)

Walking back to the car in the rain (Copyright Colin O'Connor)

Abandoned mine on the road to Engineer's Pass (Copyright Colin O'Connor)

Somebody got all Hayduke on this dam (Copyright Colin O'Connor)

Approaching the mine shaft; no, we didn't go in it, especiallty after The Descent (Copyright Colin O'Connor)

Two-tiered waterfall with a spooky mine shaft at the base (Copyright Colin O'Connor)

Approaching God's Crag (Copyright Colin O'Connor)

Plaque at the base of The Renaissance Man below the waterfall

The crag, as seen from the road

Descending in the rain through a grove of aspens; we picked up a hundred ticks here (Copyright Colin O'Connor)

  High Gravity Wall

Fear is Never Boring: Crux moves at the top of the pitch

Fear is Never Boring: Styling the second pitch, in the rain

Fear is Never Boring: Cool face climbing on the first pitch (Copyright Colin O'Connor)

Fear is Never Boring: Self portrait, belaying in the rain

Fear is Never Boring: Following the beautiful face on P1

Fear is Never Boring: Nearing the top of the pitch