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Adirondacks (map)

Chronic Fixation: Chris warms up on one of the easier routes at the King Wall


It's Only Entertainment: About midway up the diagonal crack

It's Only Entertainment: Placing gear at midpoint on the diagonal crack


It's Only Entertainment: At the end of the diagonal crack; a couple of pieces here protect the crux left traverse


It's Only Entertainment: Halfway across the crux traverse

Ku Klux Ken: Awkard jams at the start of Ku Klux Ken

Ku Klux Ken: Chris powers through a couple strnuous moves

Ku Klux Ken: Pretty cool pinch hold

Ku Klux Ken: Laybacks near the top


Ku Klux Ken: A long reach; still not there yet


The Apology: On the traverse to the final ice smear


The Apology: Reaching the final ice smear after 80' of dry tooling


The Apology: The final moves up the ice after the traverse


Unknown: Just off the ground, Chris searches for his first placement


Unknown: Chris places the purple Camalot, the first piece of protection


Unknown: Scanning the rock for a possible line; after this point, Chris aborted the attempt

Indian Creek (map)

Sweden-Ringle: Chris sends Swedin-Ringle, making it look like 5.10


Sweden-Ringle: Chris sends Swedin-Ringle, making it look like 5.10

Sweden-Ringle: Chris sends Swedin-Ringle, making it look like 5.10


Organizing the rack for the days climbing


Coyne Crack: Laybacking the rattly finger start of Coyne Crack


Coyne Crack: Higher up, the crack turns to tight hands


Posing in front of the "Brick" at the Supercrack Buttress parking lot

Shawangunks (map)

Gravity's Rainbow: Chris attempts the onsite


Persistence: Looking up from the cave at the base of the route, Chris climbs into the crux; the route is steep, overhanging from base to summit


Survival of the Fittest: Climbing the tweaky moves above the initial roof of Survival


Survival of the Fittest: After clipping the fixed pins, Chris rests before the crux of the route

Scary Area: Chris boulders the opening moves on the direct start of Scary Area; Bones offering support from below

Scary Area: Placing the first piece of gear in the horizontal


Stirrup Trouble: Bones offering beta to Chris at the base of Stirrup Trouble


Space Invaders: Looking for that first piece of protection


Stirrup Trouble: Chris climbs the initial scary section, belayed by Bones


Uphill All The Way: Approaching the traverse (.11+)


Uphill All The Way: Chalking up before the traverse


Enduro Man's Longest Hangout: Chris solos the first pitch of Enduro Man; some climbers place a small brass nut, but it's practical use is arguable