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Cerru Del Canjorro (Spain) (map)

Hiking through olive groves to the crag


Cordura Dura: Jen climbs a warmup route at a hidden crag near Yaén


La Ley Del Deseo: Jen climbs a sandbag route in the late afternoon light; there's no way this route is 6b

Cuenca (Spain) (map)

Alfarzar-1: Yet another limestone face climb in Cuenca


Monte De Venus: Jen pulls the high crux through the bulge near the top of the route


Monte De Venus: Picturesque climbing near the start of the route

El Chorro (Spain) (map)

Engendro Caneki: Jen climbs a difficult face with "flaky jugs"


Lucie and Jen laugh it up at the base of the crag; Mike in the background

Franconia Notch (map)

Bennedictus Direct: Jen and Brian get organized to film climbing on the third pitch of Bennedictus


Bennedictus Direct: Jen jugs the first pitch of Bennedictus to set up for filming the higher pitches


Bennedictus Direct: Jen filming the 3rd pitch


Bennedictus Direct: Jen at the 4th belay on Bennedictus

La Cabrera (Spain) (map)

At dinner after climbing at La Cabrera, Lucie and Jen examine Pedro's flying book

Patones (Spain) (map)

Hasta Incluso: Jen reaches the first clip

Rumney (map)

Centerpiece: The super steep Bonsai Wall


Centerpiece: Bustin' a move on the Bonsai Wall


Victim of Love: Pulling through steep flakes at Darth Vadar