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Fisher Towers (map)

Climbing Moab


A view of Cottontail with the Titan looming behind


King Fisher as seen from the hiking trail


The Titan as seen from the hiking trail

  Ancient Art

View of Ancient Art; the Stolen Chimney (Corkscrew Summit) route ascends the funky-shaped corkscrew in the center of the photo


The Ancient Art formation with an approaching storm in the background


Ancient Art and it's various summits; the corkscrew summit (aka "Stolen Chimney") is the leftmost summit


Stolen Chimney: The corkscrew summit as seen from the top of the belay on the other side of the "sidewalk"


Stolen Chimney: Colin sits at the sidewalk, as seen from the top of the corkscrew


Stolen Chimney: Following the pebbled face on the first pitch; the climbing is a little bouldery, and the protection is all drilled angle pitons

Stolen Chimney: Leading the corkscrew -- one of the wildest summits anywhere. The ropes are arched to the right due to strong winds


Stolen Chimney: The second pitch (5.8); looks like mud, but is actually pretty nice rock with decent protection every 8 to 10 feet


Stolen Chimney: Posing on the summit of the corkscrew


Stolen Chimney: Pitons on the "sidewalk" belay; the rock around the drilled pitons has eroded


Stolen Chimney: Two other summits of the Ancient Art formation with the King Fisher in the background as taken from the summit the corkscrew


Stolen Chimney: A topo showing the Stolen Chimney route on Ancient Art