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Frankenjura (Germany) (map)

The formation with Action Direct. The actual route climbs the underbelly of the rear buttress.


Super cool crag rising above a small village


Super cool crag rising above a small village


Super cool crag rising above a small village


Standard lowering hardware in the Frankenjura, which isn't the easiest thing to climb in moments of desperation


Kurt Albert started the whole red dot thing, which later became the "redpoint"


The small town of Hartenstein with several crags nearby


On the way out of town to the crag

  Hartensteiner Wand

Igor: An open but amazingly dark forest with a pretty good crag. Rayko runs it out to the first bolt.

  Klein Wacht

Bergzigeunerweg: Rayko gains big holds after a pumpy traverse. Notice the route book midway across the traverse.


Small villiage of Lungsdorf, which is nothing more than a bend in the road. We did climb a pretty cool tower just above town.


Trebbla: Signing the route book at the top of the tower


Trebbla: Starting up the tower above Lungsdorf


Schwarzer Riss: In the rain, we lucked upon this severely overhanging amphitheater with several dry routes


Westriss: A beautiful crack climb reminiscent of the Dolomites (Copyright © Rayko Halitschke)


Hiding from the rain in a cave at the base of the Napoleon tower (Copyright © Rayko Halitschke)


Südwestwand: This free-standing tower, to our surprise, was about 10" thick


Südwestwand: Rayko straddling the top of the tower


Our first climbing stop in Frankenjura

  Roter Fels

Luftige Wand: Random climber seconding a pretty cool line


Büberriss: Pretty cool climbing down low, but an unprotected chimney up high (Copyright © Rayko Halitschke)

  Soranger Wand

Sauwetter: Lowering off a super steep climb at the end of the day (Copyright © Rayko Halitschke)


Amazed by this formation, we vowed to return, only to discover that all the routes are hard


Our little apartment in Velden, a 5-minute walk from the main square


Best food in Bavaria, or so we thought


Standard dinnertime activities -- email, route research, and taking notes from the days outing


Buying strawberries and other vegies


Purchasing the daily supply of lunch meat

  Weiße Wand

View from the top of the cliff; the approach follows the dirt road


It rained, so everybody headed for the overhanging roadside crag


Super steep roadside climbing, mostly Czech climbers

  Wolkensteiner Wand

Corazon: A difficult and long route with several cruxes. Too bad it's out of focus.