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Ostrov (Czech Republic) (map)
  Deravá vež

Alter Weg: Topping out, reach for a hueco (Copyright © Rayko Halitschke)


Alter Weg: Topping out past the route book (Copyright © Rayko Halitschke)


Alter Weg: Opening moves involve tunneling through the center of the tower


Alter Weg: Horizontal within the tunnel


Alter Weg: Emerging from the other side of the tunnel, now with great exposure but good pro


Alter Weg: Turning around, getting ready to start up the remainder of the route


Alter Weg: Route book and the various pieces of the container


Hanging out in the coffee shop (the one attached to the climbing store) waiting for the rain to stop


Outdoor store in Tisá is surprisingly well stocked

  Vztycená jehla

Many of these thin towers scattered in the forest


Thin tower seen from the summit of Deravá vež