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Elbsandstein (Germany) (map)

By the end of the trip, Rayko's tips were bleeding


Standing in front of the second Bergsport Arnold store, this one in Bad Schandau


Nordwand: Rayko attempts the second pitch, but is off route on a 5.10c


Nordwand: Folling the first pitch, which had cracks, but no gear (if ONLY I had a cam)


Goldsteigkante: Following the first pitch, very pumpy here with poor gear


Südwand: Following the honeycomb section of the second pitch, just before the traverse


Südwand: Following the honeycomb section of the second pitch


Alter Web: To get off one tower, we rappelled into a gap and climbed another tower which had the rappel line


Direkter Südwestweg: Prepping for a hard lead


Direkter Südwestweg: Scoping out the route ahead, very steep here


Südwand: Following the chimney topout, very scary to lead


Knirpelwand Direkte: Another honeycombed face protected with hourglasses


Dinner in the basement of the town hall; pretty good food, but not as good as in Velden


Standing in front of the Bergsport Arnold store in Hohnstein


Türkischer Honig: Runout to the first bolt, then more reasonable and juggy


Talweg: Looking down at Rayko at the first belay


Talweg: Looking down at Rayko at the first belay


Talweg: Rayko is on top of the main wall, on an isolated island summit


Talweg: In a sea of towers


Talweg: Following the first pitch, removing a thread


Talweg: Super featured rock on the first pitch


Talweg: Following the second pitch


Talweg: Nice slung flake, but it feels like it might rip off


Herkules Rippe: Rayko at the first pitch belay


Herkules Rippe: Rayko far below at the P1 belay


Direkte Südwestwand auch: More knot climbing


Südwestwand: Rayko laybacks around a flake at the top of the pitch


Rayko looking for his name in the route book


Dampflok: The initial moves, protected by a small jammed knot


Talweg: Second pitch squeeze chimney


Rappelling the backside of the tower down to the grass; the terrain is comfortably navigated with bare feet because of the sand


Ostkante: Belaying from a giant hole in the top of the tower


Leaving one tower and climbing the next one over, in search of a rappel line


More rappelling from rings; nice redundancy

Frankenjura (Germany) (map)

Igor: An open but amazingly dark forest with a pretty good crag. Rayko runs it out to the first bolt.


Bergzigeunerweg: Rayko gains big holds after a pumpy traverse. Notice the route book midway across the traverse.


Trebbla: Signing the route book at the top of the tower


Trebbla: Starting up the tower above Lungsdorf


Schwarzer Riss: In the rain, we lucked upon this severely overhanging amphitheater with several dry routes


Südwestwand: This free-standing tower, to our surprise, was about 10" thick


Südwestwand: Rayko straddling the top of the tower


Buying strawberries and other vegies


Purchasing the daily supply of lunch meat


Corazon: A difficult and long route with several cruxes. Too bad it's out of focus.

Ostrov (Czech Republic) (map)

Hanging out in the coffee shop (the one attached to the climbing store) waiting for the rain to stop